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Reagarding the new bio... it cool if coffeeshop owners join to bitch about the fucking customers too? Just cause I'm a boss doesn't mean I don't hate those motherfucking large single shot, split shot, half pump of chocoalte, half shot sugarfree vanilla, half shot sugarfree peach, extra dry iced cappucino orderers...

Actually I have a name and attitude for those types of people: I call em elfdancers. It's not even about the coffee for them it's about the presentation, they want you to do some magic dance to please them. If this were Turkey, they'd be pounding on the table drunk, while we dance for our lives. You need to do a magic 'elf dance' to make them happy, cause the drink sure as fuck won't...even if it is perfect.
As far as my attitude. I allow TWO modifications to a standard drink before I get the squinty eyed annoyance roll to the back of the head sigh attitude.

So, as an owner, can I play too?
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