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Name that Coffee

What in your opinion is the best coffee? Why? Where to find it? What in your opinion is the worst coffee? Why? Where to lose it?

I ponder that question, since there are so many different types of coffees on the market today. What really makes some better than others. Is it the location that the bean was cultivated? Is it the way that the bean is tended to? Does it really come down to the way the bean is roasted? Could it be the way it is transported to its final destination? Could it simply be the way it is brewed? Or is it everything combined that needs to be considered?

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Kenya AA, Hatian Bleu...

All you need to know...

Damn fine beans, plain and simple
Costa Rica makes the best beans. I find theirs to have the perfect balance of flavor and strength. It's really a combination of climate and roast. Too hot for too long results in liquid smoke, ala Charbuck's.
Have you ever heard of Gano Cafe? It's healthy gourmet coffee from Malaysia. I tried it a couple of months ago and it tasted so good. It contains practically no caffeine at all but it keeps you alert. It has ganoderma, some kind of herb/mushroom that has been used by chinese emperors to maintain their health. This is no hocus pocus magical drink. It's just a tasty cup of coffee with natural ingredients. Anyway, I tried selling this stuff on eBay and it did great, so now I'm thinking about setting up an online store. I don't know why I told you all this, I really just wanted to offer samples of Gano Cafe to the public. So if there's anybody out there who wants a taste, just e-mail me your name and shipping address to and I'll send you a free sample. Have a nice day :c)