Pomp and Circumstance (chrisemocore) wrote in coffeegestapo,
Pomp and Circumstance

Did you know that Starbucks, Barnies, and Norma Jean's has different drinks?


I get SOOOOOOOOO fucking tired of people being foolish when it comes to ordering drinks.

For example, two Middle Aged, Possibly White Trash women come into my store today and I, your humble narrator, greeted them with my happy-go-lucky "Welcome to ******** Coffee and Tea, how can I help you". They looked at me, and made all the guestures of understanding. My co-worker ***** then proceded to attempt to serve them, whilist I delt with a transaction in process. However, my caffinated bilss would soon be startled by a dumbfounding "What store are we in?" coming from the mouth of Dumbwhitetrashbitch A, and reinfoced by dumbwhitetrashbitch B chiming in with equal confusion.

So my attention is focused on getting these ladies somemthing to drink. *****, oh how sweet and polite she is, pointed out that they were seeking a cold drink, and was offering samples of our "EXCULSIVE BEVERATE", drinks premade in large coolers, served Over ice, and not blended.

Again, lets repeat. "EXCLUSIVE BEVERAGES" are made in large premixed coolers, served over ice, and in no way are blended, mixed, chopped, broiled, or immolated.

So, the ladies decide on the English Toffee cooler EXCLUSIVE BEVERATGE, after watching ***** take small sample cups, deposit the beverage into the cups, and handing dumbwhitetrashbitch A and B the cups.

*****prepares the two beverages...and then it starts

I have already rung up the two women, money was handed to me, and my drawer was open. I was about to count out the change when Dumbwhitetrashbitch B says, "You blend those in the oasis machine...right?"


Do we give you a sample of something one way, and prepare it another!

We spend ten min going over the types of cold drinks, the differences b/t "freezers" and "coffee coolers", and give fucking samples THAT ARE ACCEPTED...only to in the last thirty seconds of my forced interaction with these heathens do they decide that they wanted a totally different drink than they tasted AND ACCEPTED...

egads, that pissed me off...cause they were terribly rude about it. They wanted english toffee EXCULSIVE FROZEN BEVERATE now, they diddnt want to pay for the more expensive drinks, and they were horribly condesending, despite my generosity in not re-doing the transaction for the more expensive beverages.

I dont mind changing your mind, but understand that its common decency to NOT be a bitch about it.

Oh, and another thing, in the same schpel, the ladies refered to Frapphichinos, Chillers, mochalattes, and Chillerchinos...yet seemed horribly confused when I said, "we dont have A here, instead we have B"
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